General Wrestling Information

Wrestling Basics


We encourage parents to drop off their kids and head out for some "me time". Of course, you are welcome to stay and watch but space is tight and we need to keep distractions to a minimum to help the kids focus.

Wrestlers should wear CLEAN sneakers or wrestling shoes for practices. Clean shoes are essential as the kids will be rolling around on the mats and any grit brought in by dirty shoes will be a hazard for wrestling. Please do not have zippers, snaps, or other metal attachments on any shorts or t-shirts . Headgear is not required for practice but may be worn if desired and should be worn for all scrimmages and competitions.


Throughout the year we will make you aware of several open tournaments. These are often very large events, in which several hundred wrestlers compete. Tournaments tend to be an all day event in which kids are grouped by weight, age, and most times experience. Tournaments will require separate entry fees that generally range between $15-25. You pay at the door individually. Most tournaments require headgear to be worn. WYW will be attending 3 tournaments as a team for those that are interested. Details to come

Scrimmages and Meets

Scrimmages are a great way to get experience and some live action against teams from other towns. They are typically held on either a Saturday or Sunday. Kids can get as many matches as they like. They are not nearly as lengthy as tournaments, so that you may enjoy the rest of your day. We encourage all our wrestlers (K-8), regardless of experience level, to participate in scrimmages. For scrimages, the minimum uniform is WYW tee shirt provided with your registration and a pair of black shorts (not provided). Wrestlers are encouraged to get a singlet for all competitions and scrimages but they are not required. Please make sure to have the wrestler's name written somewhere on all the WYW apparel as things are often mixed up or left behind. All scheduling and other detail of these events will be announced at practices and posted on our web-site

Wrestling Gear

Wrestling is relatively inexpensive when it comes to the gear you NEED. If you're just getting started, it's good enough to just have the T-shirt and shorts you received with registration and a clean pair of sneakers for practice. Wrestling shoes are preferred but are not essential, especially for the younger ones.

If you are looking for wrestling shoes we will have a few pairs of used shoes available as part of a shoe swap. People that bring their old shoes to swap will get first preference. If there are any more that fit your child, you are welcome to take a pair free of charge. Please return them at the end of the year so that we may continue to offer this great money saver to our parents in the future.

Wachusett Youth Wrestling is an all-volunteer organization. We are much smaller than most of the other sporting programs in the area. To keep the program healthy and financially stable, we will organize several fund raising events each season. We welcome your active participation in all other aspects of the WYW organization. There will be many opportunities to help out and get involved during the course of the season. We appreciate your input and look forward to your involvement in making this a better program for all the kids.

Wrestling is a close contact sport and we always recommend that wrestlers take a steamy hot shower after practice and use lots of soap. This will help prevent the spread of flu and will keep the possibility of skin infections to a minimum.